Michael J. Champlin

identity & web designer | digital storyteller

Austin, TX

Web & UX Design

Neat, clean and functional — my approach to the web. I've been coding html and css for ten years, and have experience with php, javascript and WordPress. My web philosophy is simple: content first, light and responsive.

Jonesplan - Single-page, responsive site design coded with html5 and css3 on my own custom single-page WordPress framework. Jquery smooth scroll, sliders & boxes, leaflet.js + mapbox.

In Progress - A Sense of Wander is a travel blog I'm currently developing for a client in San Francisco. Given full creative license, I started by building an identity; from there I designed an elegant website that takes inspiration from magazines and lets the content sing. Now I'm building it.

Flash Flood - Landing page for a local startup print shop & community print studio. Single-page responsive site design coded with html5 and css3. Designed with content in mind with a mobile-first / top-down media query approach.

Tasha Does Tulsa - I redesigned the website for this prominent Tulsa blogger, moving her operation into WordPress and increasing her search engine traffic dramatically.

The Tulsa Project - What began as an online magazine and experiment in beautiful web design later became a blog with a talented, eclectic list of contributors. Now defunct, the site exists as an archive.

Thoughts on Stuff - My personal blog, where I post a variety of content — mostly image-based, but longer form stuff too. I recently redesigned it from scratch, building a responsive wordpress theme that showcases my content in a more custom fashion.

Branding & Identity

Good branding design gives people and organizations a voice and identity to face the world.

Creative Room
Jory Burson
Stone Soup
Jory Burson
The Tulsa Project

Media & Storytelling

I'm a content creator. I work in various mediums and proudly boast of a long and ever-growing list of personal projects - and some pretty cool collaborations, too.

Zipcar + Instagram = Zipstagram - Charged with building Zipcar's latest social campaign, I assembled a crack team and got the job done — and learned a whole lot about javascript, mapping frameworks and project management in the process.

Ignite OKC 2010 - In 2010 I presented a talk as part of the Ignite series entitled "The Power of Visual Communication". I used my least favorite typeface as a springboard to talk about how everyone can strive for better design — a cause I'm very passionate about.

My Videos - Which are mostly pretty ridiculous, but also a lot of fun.

Transit Redesign - As long-time rider, I can say from experience: Tulsa's Transit design is an embarrassment. I've undertaken a redesign as a personal experiment in information design and cartography — and because I just love a beautiful map. I'm blogging about the process here.

Awkwardly Charming - Where I sell quirky, hand-printed goods. (note: Etsy shop closed while I move to Austin)

Works in Process - A Tumblr where I sometimes post process drawings and notes on my workflow.