400 Record

Native iOS and Android application for 400 Record, a skyscraper in Dallas, TX.

iOS & Android application for the forthcoming 400 Record building, a full redesign and renovation of the Belo Building in downtown Dallas. The app showcases the building's new features, and brings many new amenities to the user's fingertips, including food ordering, ride-hailing and booking of conference spaces. 
UX Research & Strategy

Good design can only happen when the problem is well-defined, so the first step in any design process is research. Conducting interviews and brainstorming sessions help identify both the the client and potential users' needs.
How to survive in an office without whiteboards: lots of paper, sticky-notes and table space.
Generate ideas around the client and user's needs

Next up, many rounds of sketching. I find manual sketching is still the most efficient way to get ideas from my brain to paper. The key to this phase is iteration: sketch sketch sketch until an idea and design begins to form.
Animations and transitions should never be left to chance -- everything is design. I use Principle to mock up transitions, animations and UI functionality. 
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