UX / UI Designer & Art Director

Ethical Media


Ethical Media, officially named "The Knife of Aristotle" seeks to change the way people consume and process the news. Using a combination of expert review and advanced algorithms, The Knife rates news sources and articles based on objective truth and reliability. They attempt to cut through the noise and present the facts. 

The Knife needed a refresh and a more modern approach for their landing page as they looked to open their platform to the public. I was tasked with designing a new homepage, establishing a visual language that would be incrementally applied to the entire site. 


Initial Sketches

When working with a new client or idea, I always start on paper. I find it to be the quickest, most authentic way to express my initial thoughts and design concepts. To help the client more fully visualize the concept, I added color and annotations to these sketches in Photoshop before presenting.

Once the client and I agreed on the direction, I moved to Sketch to mock up complete wireframes, then high-fidelity designs.  


Presentation Graphics

This project was as much about reinventing the user experience as it was about redesigning the look of the site. I presented high-fidelity comps to the client, including interface and interaction animations created in Principle and After Effects.


Finished Product

Throughout the process, the client expressed the need for a modern, sophisticated site that embodied the mission and values of the company. The final website utilized white space, clean lines, and intuitive navigation to support the overall vision for a distinctive, cultured web experience.